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Type II Trigeminal Neuralgia


Type II Trigeminal Neuralgia

For support and exchange of ideas and info for those caring for someone, or suffering from Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia, also referred to as Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, or ATN.

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Feeling Isolated

Started by Megan. Last reply by Erica328 on Tuesday. 11 Replies

Anyone ever feel misunderstood?  My co-workers seem to think I'm going to recover from this nerve disorder.  They can't understand ATN is a chronic condition and isn't 100% curable.  Of course I want to be cured.  Who here doesn't? I'm exhausted…Continue

But You Look Fine

Started by Stef. Last reply by uwfotogal on Monday. 157 Replies

Does anyone else get tired of hearing this, of not being believed? Of being expected to carry on with the duties and obligations of life just as if everything were normal, when there is a three alarm fire going on in your face?I wonder sometimes how…Continue

Update on Myself, more opinions

Started by hillsdale15. Last reply by Grecio on Sunday. 7 Replies

I just want to inform all my friends on here that my appointment with my neurologist basically was a meeting where we talked about my feelings, it was not helpful whatsoever and the conversation quickly switched from the pain I was in to the anxiety…Continue


Started by Trshi. Last reply by TL Feb 14. 14 Replies

Has anyone had any surgeries that have been successful?Continue

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Comment by Lisa (iamrite) yesterday
Anyone know if like a cortizone shot you can only have so many?
Comment by mrl yesterday
Please keep in mind that the nerve blocks are not a cure. They are a temporary relief from pain. I just didn't want someone believing that they can go in for a nerve block & never hurt again. they can provide temporary relief for some people.
Comment by Lisa (iamrite) yesterday
I can't decide if I have the courage for a nerve block or injection. There is a pain management clinic in town that does them for TN. It scares me.
Comment by Granny yesterday

RonaldS, wow, thanks for posting all your research on blocks. I wish I could find a doctor that does these in my area. I have a lot of pain from failed back surgery and do have a pain management doctor doing injections for a nerve injury that are helping me but he does not do ATN or TN yet. I had back surgery 9 months ago and sustained this nerve injury and it takes priority over my ATN. Winter is ending so I do start to feel better....80 in Florida in 2 more days! Sharon

Comment by RonaldS on Thursday
Comment by RonaldS on Thursday


Many of us have been through the great suicide thoughts trauma before and after meds, nerve blocks, surgeries and many other treatments. Just know thaqt the pain is not lethal (a terrible NIH joke) but so you must rely on your husband to do the thinking and get you to treatment. Doctors have really been making serious progress in the past five years and do actually have treatments. Ask your husband to review the three videos listed below (I have assumed you have tried numerous meds without success because you seemed to wonder why your doctors aren't recommending surgery. Nerve blocks are your next least invasive treatment before invasive surgery. Some references on nerve blocks as diagnostic tests to locate the origin of the pain are also listed. Nerve block treatments are truly out-patient procedures that take about 30 minutes because they monitor your for 15 minutes after the injection. Nerve block injection providers seem to be difficult to find because web sites are seldom updated because they believe we all understand medicine speak. In addition, mobile web sites are rapidly showing newer data than the older web sites so search on your phone or tablet computer too.Mobile web sites are quite different than the old familiar PC web sites because they must be very brief due to limited space (in their minds but not in actuality). I hope this helps and you quickly get relief.

P.S. I remember begging several different doctors to try a nerve block a few years ago before I went down the invasive surgeries path but none of them knew anything about the subject and there was nothing on the web. Now pain centers and pain management doctors are the fastest growing medical profession in the world and nearly every large city has pain management doctors who perform nerve blocks. But, you often have to specifically ask because the pain scale really doesn't tell them how bad your pain is. I finally got brash and told my doctors I absolutely am ready for surgery because meds have failed and they have not responded to my requests to try the simple out-patient nerve blocks. In one case, my neurosurgeon simply turned to his nurse and told her to prepare the hypodermic which and the first injection was completed within five minutes. To be fair, the deeper injection like the SPG or Stellate Ganglion nerve blocks require general anesthesia but it is still over within 30 minutes and you are on your way home. I went to Cedars-Sinai Pain Center in Los Angeles because they do so many every day and I was able to talk to all the other patients in the waiting room about their results. Patients have time to talk and readily share.

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia Nerve Block Treatment

Percutaneous Procedures for Trigeminal Neuralgia

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?  UCLA Neurosurgery

Ultrasound-guided trigeminal nerve block atypical facial pain


Comment by Richard A. "Red" Lawhern on Monday

Trishi, please go with GREAT caution on this one.  It looks like any of a hundred other organic remedy scams that I've seen over the years.  A key sign of such scams is phrasing of this kind:  "Cronisol-D is believed to posses natural anti-inflammatory qualities."  Believed to possess?  By whom and on the basis of what evidence? FYI there is simply no scientific support for any homeopathic remedy for ANYTHING, much less for neurological disorders.

Run the term "Biogetica" in the search window at top right, and you'll find two pages of previous posts on the subject.  Several members have expressed strong skepticism.

Sorry, but I suspect this one is phony as a three dollar bill.

Regards, Red

Comment by Trshi on Monday
Comment by Mary E. on Monday


I am so sorry you have had to experience such horrendous pain.  Please try to get some professional help so you don't harm yourself.  I do not doubt for a minute that your pain is real, I just do not want you to hurt yourself.  I will continue to pray for you ....I know help is out there for you... don't give up!  We all care about you so much.   Keep us posted on your progress. 

Comment by hillsdale15 on Sunday
I would encourage anyone with ATN to try amitriptyline or some type of antidepressant. Don't get me wrong I still have pain and it can be severe at times, however I don't know if the medicine is just taking my mind off of the pain or eliminating the pain itself but I'm not in the constant deep never ending pain I was in

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